What to Expect

We want to you to have a productive experience each and every appointment whether it is in-person or over the phone. To do so, please:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment so we begin on time and get you out on time.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing and make sure you have eaten within the past two hours if we plan to do acupuncture.
  • Bring copies of any recent lab work or imaging reports to consultations for review.

Your initial consultation will take 75-90 minutes. During this time we will review:

  • your intake form (adult or pediatric).
  • medical and health history.
  • assessments and testing.
  • an individualized treatment plan for you to take home with you which may include nutritional recommendations, herbal therapies, homeopathic prescription, Hydrotherapy routines, Lifestyle modifications and Mind-Body approaches to healing.

Follow-up consultations take 30-45 minutes and may include:

  • review of health history and progress.
  • assessments and testing.
  • updates to your treatment plan.