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Healing Lyme Disease Naturally Is Easy!

Yes, I said it!

If I could shout this from the rooftops, I would! But I can’t, so I’m telling you! It breaks my heart to see all the struggle around Lyme Disease, knowing it can be healed so easily. Whether you are an adult, child, baby, or furry friend and whether you’ve just been bit by a tick or have had Lyme for years… Lyme Disease can be eradicated safely and effectively, with natural medicines.

Homeopathic nosode detoxifiers

I am grateful to have tremendously effective tools in my toolkit. We use homeopathic nosode detoxifiers to detoxify the microbes. This is the key! When you take an antibiotic, it can cause the Lyme bacteria to morph into spirochete form, which then burrows deep in to the cell to evade the immune system. Where it lingers, potentially for many years. Additionally you have the toxic effects of the antibiotic – compromised cell metabolism, stress on the liver, GI and immune dysfunction, and nervous system issues can all result.

Woman's let with lyme disease bullseye. Woman is wearing a purple shoe and is standing in grass.

A tick bit resulting in a target or “bull’s-eye” appearance.

I once had a patient come in with Lyme Disease of 8 years duration. She had been on an antibiotic for that entire time. She came to me because she still had symptoms. She said to me, “I will always have Lyme and I will always have to be on an antibiotic.” To which I replied, “what if you didn’t?!” Within 2 treatment cycles (about 2 months time) her symptoms were completely resolved and the Lyme was undetectable!
I could tell you numerous stories like this! In cases of acute Lyme, treatment can be as short as 3-4 weeks. The longest duration of treatment in my experience has been 5 months. But in the end the Lyme is gone and the overall health of the body is not worse for the wear!

Each person has their own individual biochemistry that responds uniquely to the Lyme microbes and to the selected remedies. In addition, there may be other imbalances contributing to how severely a person responds to Lyme microbes. 

Bioenergetic Assessment 

We utilize Bioenergetic Assessment to confirm presence of Lyme microbes (sometimes Lyme tests are negative even when a person most certainly has Lyme) and to guide the appropriate healing plan for each individual.  I work with patients in person or remotely, so please spread the word – tell anyone you know who has been affected by Lyme Disease and is seeking effective solutions!

If you are affected, schedule an appointment, or call/email our office! We can’t wait to help you!

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The Frequency of Love: Opening to the Heart of Healing

Not long ago I was driving and became aware of the vibration of angst in my mind-body-spirit. A message came: Tune to the Frequency of Love. With this mere thought, everything melted.

We have all felt it. That feeling of bliss, elation, expansion, Divine union. Love: The language of our souls, our birthright.

Healing is not just about fixing the physical body. We are being called to a higher level of consciousness. Our bodies are speaking to us. It is imperative to find stillness. To learn to listen. Our bodies are made up of 70 trillion cells. All vibrating. What are your cells vibrating? Fear? Anxiety? Anger? Resentment? The feeling of not being enough?

These patterns create frequencies which invite in disease. Acknowledge them without judgment, let go of resistance. Open your heart to gratitude, the gateway to acceptance, grace, and unconditional love. My favorite tools to aid this process are meditation, journaling, breath work, and sound healing. Practice daily the medicine of love, immerse yourself in its healing vibrations and find yourself connecting to your source of perfect health and infinite potential.


Joy Sturgill, ND is a graduate of Bastyr University’s School of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle, WA. She is owner of Wellspring Whole Health on the North Side, which offers naturopathic and bioenergetic medicine, comprehensive nutritional services, energy therapies, holistic psychotherapy, massage, classes, and soon acupuncture. Call Wellspring Whole Health at 412-321-3231, or visit www.wellspringwholehealth.com.

Reprinted from The Journal of Lifestyle Medicine

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The Journal of Lifestyle Medicine: Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Medicine, by Joy Sakonyi, ND

Impacting Cellular Health for Whole Body Healing
and Transpersonal Growth

I have been blessed by patients to observe radical healing. To witness the power and wisdom of  the human body. In Bioenergetic Medicine, we listen to the body and are guided by the innate wisdom of the body. Through this medicine, which encompasses all aspects of the body down to the minutest cellular components, we identify that which is causing the cells of the body to vibrate at lower frequencies. Altered frequencies lead to dis-ease. For most individuals, there are layers of causal factors — from heavy metals and chemicals, to allergens and microbes, to traumas and psycho-emotional factors, and so on. By following the body’s inherent healing process, we address neuroendocrine imbalances, repair digestive dysfunction, open detoxification pathways, unlock toxins from deep within the cells, and repair damaged cells. The tools in our toolkit? In addition to herbal and nutrient remedies, what is key to cellular health is the use of homeopathy, an individual-specific healing diet, movement if possible, and a variety of energy and psycho-emotional-spiritual therapies. The end result of this journey is, in a word, freedom!

Joy Sakonyi, ND, is a graduate of Bastyr University’s School of Naturopathic Medicine in Seattle, WA, and an avid practitioner of Bioenergetic Medicine. She is owner of Wellspring Whole Health on the North Side, which also offers comprehensive nutritional services, energy therapies, holistic psychotherapy and, soon, bodywork. She is grateful to say that through her own journey with BioEnergetic Medicine she has found freedom! For more information, visit www.wellspringwholehealth.com, call 412-321-3231, or email info@wellspringwholehealth.com.

Reprinted from The Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, Autumn 2014

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