Tracy Schrock


Tracy Schrock,
Cellular Expansion
Practitioner, Holistic Health Counselor

Tracy completed training in Cellular Expansion and Healing through Vanati in Pittsburgh and earned her health counseling certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Her passion for healthier living started to grow a few years ago when she was struggling with her own health. She had gained 30 pounds, had no energy and her body ached all over among a list of other ailments. She was told nothing was wrong with her and her diet wasn’t impacting her health. She was at wits end. She turned to alternative means and contacted a Naturopath.

Through working with Dr. Joy, she discovered she was developing hypothyroidism and had a hormone imbalance. Even though she thought she was eating healthy, food was a contributing factor! Dr. Joy helped her change her diet and within three months she lost 18 pounds. Her energy returned and health issues resolved over time with treatment. After her life-changing experience, she knew it was time to give back and help others struggling with similar issues.

Tracy practices a holistic approach to nutrition, taking into consideration all aspects of a person’s life. She creates individualized treatment plans that combine the wisdom of traditional philosophies with modern concepts of nutrition and wellness.

In her Cellular Expansion sessions, Tracy’s clients receive gentle and nurturing energy to address a wide array of health issues, including chronic pain, headaches, depression, weight loss, anxiety and infertility.