Judy Burke


Judy Burke,
Energy Therapist,
Intuitive Counselor

Judy Burke is a graduate of The University of Pittsburgh with a degree in communications and psychology.

Her first job after college was educator and career counselor for Pittsburgh Catholic Educational Programs. She rose to assistant director of Allegheny County Summer Youth Program before becoming a full-time mother to two daughters who are now grown and married.

In the late 1980s, health challenges led her to alternative ways to heal the body, mind and soul.

Judy studied transcendental meditation and became a Reiki master and an experienced dowser. She has had certifications in spiritual response therapy, ThetaHealing, Matrix Energetics, PSYCH-K, Emotion Code and Access Bars. She is a One Command coach and practitioner, a student of human design and leads a Prosperity Mastermind Group. Judy is also trained in healing, nutrition and the use of essential oils as well as Emotional Freedom Technique, Tappas Acupuncture Therapy, and Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.

For 25 years, Judy has sponsored World Healing Day and other global peace meditations. She offers empowerment classes and teaches people how to find increased health and well-being by clearing and releasing all that is contributing to their challenges. Judy will give you an opportunity to heal and to transform your life.